Zoo Crew

Are you a teen between the ages of 13 and 17 that would like to help out the zoo?

Older than 18? and in college?
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Zoo Crew Teen Volunteer Program

Zoo Crew is a program that is designed to give teens the opportunity to volunteer at the zoo.  Participants will be providing various zoo departments with additional (volunteer) help, and help make the zoo a more exciting place to visit, while building confidence and being role models to peers and the community.

Sorry - we are not accepting applications for Crew at this time

What the kids say about the program:
‘…Zoo Crew is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience imaginable. Being able to help others better understand the world around them and knowing that you’ve sparked even one person’s interest in wildlife is the most incredible feeling…’

‘…Zoo Crew has helped me to make friendships that I know will continue, even when we’ve all grown out of the program. Having been a part of the program for four years, its has become an integral part of my life and who I am today…’

‘…In my three years of volunteer work at the zoo, I have become more open to majoring in sciences or zoology. What I have experienced and learned as a part of Zoo Crew continues to open my eyes to new fields of study…’

‘…I love the sense of community between staff and crew…’

‘…Zoo Crew is like a big family and I feel that when I go to the zoo I can be myself. Everyone is supportive and caring and have helped me to grow and learn…’


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