Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the Zoo will not be offering Birthday Parties at this time. 

Children who love animals will love birthdays at the Zoo! Zoo parties are safe, educational and most important…FUN! Animal encounters and a walk around the zoo will have your pride ROARING with excitement!

Birthday Party Packages


You provide the guests; we provide the rest!

This 2-hour package includes:

  • An animal ambassador program with 3 animal ambassadors of the birthday child’s choosing
  • Admission to the zoo for UP TO 25 people*;
  • Use of the zoos’ party room for 2 hours;
  • 6 large cheese pizzas
  • Your choice of vanilla, marble or chocolate cake (1/4 sheet, single layer);
  • An ice cream cup for each child;
  • Your choice of lemonade, fruit punch or water;
  • A birthday gift bag for each child

*You are responsible for supervising your ENTIRE party including food service

FEE: $395 – members will still enjoy a $25 discount! 

We provide all paper products, table coverings, candles, etc.


$250 – Have your party at the zoo by renting our party room AND receive admission for up to 25 people TOTAL

  • Add a PARTY GIFT BAGS for up to 15 children: $30

*Tables and chairs are included in your room rental. You are responsible for supervising your ENTIRE party (including food service), all paper products, food, drinks, etc.

Members enjoy a $25 discount on the cost of the room ONLY


How do I go about booking a party?

Please call the Education Department at: 774-203-1844 or send an email to book a party. We recommend that you call to book your party AT LEAST 3 months in advance. In order to fully book a birthday, you are required to give us a $75 deposit within 1 week or we will release the date. Once a program is booked, you will receive a contract and booking letter from the zoo. The $75 deposit is non-refundable unless the zoo must cancel the party due to unsafe conditions.

Does the 25-person limit apply to both adults and children?

Yes-25 guests means ALL the people you have coming to the party including all children and adults. You will be provided with 25 numbered wristbands to give to your guests. Guests will not be admitted into the party room without a wristband.

For safety reasons, should your party go over the 25 person maximum, extra adults will be asked to leave the room.

Is there a minimum number of guests required to book a party?

There is no minimum for booking a party.

Will there be a staff member or "party host" in the room?

No. All supervision and food service is the responsibility of the booking party.

Do you provide games for the children while in th classroom?

No, but parent are welcome to bring activities if they wish. NOTE: Pinatas are NOT permitted.

Can we get something other than pizza?

If you are booking the Turn Key package, pizza is the meal we offer.

If you are booking the A La Carte package, you are welcome to bring in any food item you wish, but it must stay inside the party room.

Can I bring my own lunch for a zoo party?

You are responsible for providing all food items for an A La Carte party.

For the Turn Key package, we do not allow other meals to be brought in. The only exception applies to those with food allergies or dietary restrictions. In these cases, we allow the person with the allergy/restriction to bring in a substitute meal for themselves.

Can I bring in snacks or extra drinks for adults?

For A La Carte parties, you are welcome to bring in whatever you wish, although all food must stay in the party room.

For Turn Key packages, we do not allow outside food into birthday parties. You are welcome to bring bottled water or soda for adults.

What kind of cake and ice cream comes with the birthday party? Can I bring my own if I want?

You are responsible for all food items if you book an A La Carte party package

For Turn Key packages, we offer a Hoodsie-type ice cream cup for each child. Our cakes come from Stop and Shop. The cakes are single layer, 1/4 sheet cakes. If you want to bring in a specially made cake, or you would like to bring extra, you are welcome, however, we do not offer a price cut for bringing your own cake/ice cream.

What are the times for birthday parties?

From April to October, we offer 2 party time slots: 11AM – 1PM and 2-4PM

November through March, we offer parties only from 1-3PM

What is in the 'goody bags'?

The items in the goody bags sometimes changes, depending on what is available. Typically they contain items such as coloring books, crayons, temporary tattoos, and bubbles. All goody bags will contain basically the same items.

Does the time limit on the party refer to the time in the party room or in the zoo?

Time limits refer to time in the party room. The cost of your party includes admission to the zoo for up to 25 guests and you are welcome to enjoy the zoo even after your party concludes.

What is an animal ambassador program?

Animal Ambassador programs are educational encounters with 3 animal ambassadors. All our animal ambassadors are small, easily handled animals such as snakes, chinchillas, lizards and ferrets that are used to being around children.The education program lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

When is the final payment due?

The balance is due on the day of your party

Can I leave the zoo to use the playground or go to my car?

Party guests will have their hands stamped by staff members upon entering the party room. This stamp will allow you to re-enter the zoo as often as you like that day.

What happens if it rains?

We hold our parties rain or shine. We suggest that you and your guests dress for whatever weather conditions are predicted.

Contact the Education Department at: 
or send us an EMAIL

If you do not receive a reply to your email in 5 business days, please check your spam folder and/or call!

Have another question? Drop us a line!

Questions are generally answered within 48 hours