Yellow-rumped Warbler

Setophaga coronata

Yellow-rumped Warblers, fondly known as “butterbutts” among bird watchers, are winter residents in New England. They prefer coniferous or mixed coniferous-deciduous woodlands, although in New England, they are often seen in dune scrub areas eating bayberries. In the woods, they will forage in flocks, searching for berries among the tree branches

FEEDING: Yellow-rumped Warblers are uniquely suited to eat a strange variety of fruits that other species avoid, like bayberries and poison ivy/oak berries. In their northern breeding areas they are insect eaters as well.

CONSERVATION: Yellow-rumped Warblers are common across the continent. They are known to suffer from collisions with skyscrapers and other tall obstructions during migration.

ATTRACTING THEM TO YOUR YARD: Yellow-rumped Warblers are not easily tempted to backyard feeders due to the habitat they prefer. However, if you live near suitable wintering habitat, suet feeders, raisins and peanut butter will occasionally bring them into backyard feeders.


Yellow-rumped Warbler male (above) and female (below)

Northern Bayberry, a favorite food of Yellow-rumped Warblers