People love windows – they allow us to look out at the world while remaining inside and safe, but did you know that windows are scary things for birds? The reflections of open sky or lush foliage in a window can cause a bird to fly straight into it. Most birds do not survive colliding with a window: nearly 1 BILLION birds die from windows strike each year!

You can help migrating birds avoid window collisions by:

  • Marking your windows with a bar soap on the outside: A grid pattern is best. This lets birds know they can’t fly through. Plus soap will wash off eventually (you may have to redo your grid patterns every once in a while).
  • Using Bird Tape: You can purchase special window bird tape with instructions on how to apply it in such a way that birds aren’t tempted to fly through.
  • Use one-way transparent film: These films make the window look opaque or use patterns that let birds know they can’t fly through. Opaque films are best –  you can still see out and it will keep your house cooler in the summer time!

Windows covered in one-way transparent film like this one help prevent bird strikes!