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Guided Tour Programs are engaging and active way to teach kids about a variety of animal and nature topics while enjoying the zoo. Tours are designed for 15-18 children and 3-4 adults and last between 30-45 minutes.


FEE: $10/student (includes admission to the zoo). Classroom teachers are FREE of charge. Parent chaperones are $9/adult


Wonderful World of Animals Guided Tour (grades K-2): This 30-minute guided tour will focus on helping children understanded what makes each animal group unique.

Animal Adaptations Guided Tour (grades 3-6): This 45-minute guided tour will take a look at some animals in the zoo’s collection that have amazing and/or unusual adaptations for survival.

Endangered Species Guided Tour (grades 4-6): this 45-minute guided tour will focus on Capron Park Zoo’s endangered residents – where they are from, why are they endangered and what we can do about it.

Ecology Guided Tour (grades 6-8): this 45-minute guided tour will take a look at some animals and the special biomes/habitats in which they live.

Capron Park Zoo offers a variety of onsite programs for many different ages

The Education Department offers on-site programs for facilities that want to include an educational component to their visit. These programs are designed for ages 3 to adult. A visit from an animal ambassador is part of each program.

All programs are about 25 minutes long and can accommodate up to 15 children and 2 adults

PLEASE NOTE: one adult per program MUST be a classroom teacher. Sorry – we do not allow younger siblings to attend programs.

Choose from the list of  topics below – most can be modified for any grade level.

  1. Wonderful World of Animals – a look at animal families and their unique characteristics
  2. Built for Survival – adaptations animals have for surviving in their habitat
  3. Destination Conservation – a study of endangered species and how humans can help
  4. Everybody Needs a Home – a look biomes, habitats and niches
  5. A Striving Planet – a look at how geology drives evolution and extinction*

*middle school only

FEE: $10/student – classroom teachers are free. Fee includes admission to the zoo. Additional adult chaperones are $9/adult

Interested in scheduling a program?

Call 774-203-1844 or 774-203-1843 or send an EMAIL

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