Chipping Sparrow

Spizella passerina

Chipping Sparrows, also known as “chippers”, are tiny harbingers of spring. They are easy to identify with their intense rufous caps as they forage among the grasses in search of seeds, or perch on the end of tree branches trilling loudly.

FEEDING: Chippers are seed eaters by preference, but during nesting season they forage for vast amounts of insects to feed their insatiable chicks.

NESTS: Chipping Sparrow nests are diminutive, classically shaped nests in which they lay their blue, lightly speckled eggs.

CONSERVATION: Commonly found across the North American continent, Chipping Sparrows adapt easily to human habitation.

ATTRACTING THEM TO YOUR YARD: These seed-loving birds are easy to attract to your backyard! Simply hang feeders with a variety of seed in your yard – Chipping Sparrows are especially fond of black oil sunflower seeds. You can also plant native evergreens and leafy shrubs – perfect nesting habitat!


Chipping Sparrows

Chipping Sparrow nest with eggs