Cat Attack! Fly Away!

You can train a cat to walk on a leash.

Catios can be simple or very ornate – but they all allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors in a way that is safe for them and for birds!

We all love our cats – they make our lives more fun! Cats are predators and their instinct is to hunt – anyone who’s ever played with their a cat knows this! It’s no surprise that outdoor cats take a toll on bird populations: about 2.4 BILLION birds a year are killed by cats.

You can’t punish a cat for doing what comes naturally – instead keep your cat indoors! Indoor cats are safe from disease AND they won’t get lost (only 5% of lost cats are ever reclaimed/found).

To keep your cat indoors, you need to be an educated pet owner. Cats need stimulation in the form of interaction with their favorite human – spend 10 minutes a day playing with your indoor cat. When you’re not at home, make sure your cat has toys to play with and something to climb – you can find lots of ideas in your local pet center.

Still want to let Fluffy get some outdoor time? Consider training them to a harness and leash. Or if you can, build a nice “catio” in your yard for your favorite feline friend. They will get to enjoy being outside while keeping birds (and themselves) safe!