Zoo Quest Encounters

Due to the current Coronavirus situation and for the safety of our animals, we not offering encounters

You’ve seen pictures and read the stories…and even seen the animals themselves from afar. Now-come and experience Capron Park Zoo from an entirely viewpoint!

​Zoo Quest Adventures are an amazing and personal behind the scenes experience that will take you places few visitors ever go.  With several different options, you can have a unique experience almost anytime you visit!


In this encounter program, you will enter the exhibit with our Red Pandas. While in the exhibit, you will learn a bit about this endangered species and have the chance to interact with these darling animals!

Red Panda Encounters are offered September – mid-December ONLY

Part of your program fee will be donated to various conservation programs that work to protect species and habitats worldwide.


In this Zoo Quest adventure, you will join a staff member and have a no barriers encounter with our Black and White Ruffed Lemurs, Haja and Fale. Learn about these two lovable zoo residents while getting the chance to interact with them.

Lemur Encounters are offered June – August ONLY


Part of your program fee will be donated to the Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group, dedicated to protecting and preserving lemurs and other endemic Madagascar species and habitats.


FEE: $75 for Non-Members
$65 for Capron Park Zoo Members


> Encounter programs are about 30 minutes long

> Lemur Encounters are offered June-August ONLY. Red Panda Encounters are offered September-mid-December ONLY

> Encounter programs run on weekends ONLY

> If the temperature is forecasted to be above 85 degrees or below 20 degrees, inclement weather is expected or conditions are deemed unsafe for people or animals, your encounter will be re-scheduled.

> We DO NOT guarantee animal interaction – the animals have the choice as to whether or not they wish to approach program participants

> Participants MUST be AT LEAST 12 years old to participate in encounter programs.

> Participants age 12-18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian into the encounter.

> Participants MUST wear pants/jeans and sneakers or boots. The zoo reserves the right to deny participants entry into exhibits if not properly dressed

> Encounter fee does NOT include admission to the zoo

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To book a Zoo Quest Adventure, call 774-203-1843 or email for more information

If you do not receive a reply to your email in 5 business days, please check your spam folder and/or call!