Red-tailed Ratsnake

Redtail Racer

Scientific Name:
Gonyosoma oxycephala

Southeast Asia

Lowland tropical forest, mangrove forest, bamboo forest

Average Size:
Length: up to 8 feet

Lifespan in Captivity:
15-20 years

Wild: Birds, sometimes bats
Zoo: Mice

Incubation: 65-70 days
Clutch Size: 5-12 eggs, several times a year

IUCN Status:
Least Concern (LC)

Red-tailed Ratsnake Range

About the Animal:
Red-tailed Ratsnakes are an arboreal species that rarely descends to the ground. Their large, smooth scales and flat bellies are perfect for climbing trees and moving across branches.

These snakes feed almost exclusively on birds. They dangle from branches and are able to snatch a bird in flight right out of the air. Red-tailed Ratsnakes are constrictors. so after capturing prey, they wrap around their victim and squeeze until it suffocates.

 Mating and Reproduction: 
About 60 days after mating, the female will lay 5-12 eggs. She provides no maternal care after laying. Hatchlings emerge about 60 days later.

Amazing Information:
Red-tailed Ratsnakes are excellent examples of mimicry; their coloration and markings are similar to those of a venomous pit viper, affording it protection from a variety of predators.