Red-crested Turaco

Red-crested Turaco

Scientific Name:
Turaco erythrolopus

Western Angola


Average Size:
Length: 17-19 inches
Weight: 10-15 ounces

5-9 years

IUCN Status:
Least Concern (LC)

Wild: Fruit, flowers, seeds, invertebrates
Zoo: Rainforest diet

Incubation: 21-24 days
Clutch size: 2-3 eggs

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Red-crested Turaco Range

About the Animal:
Red-crested Turacos are curious, intelligent birds that often live in large noisy flocks. They are not great flyers, preferring to run through the treetops. They semizygodactylus, meaning their outer toe is able to rotate front to back. This adaption is what makes running and hopping through the trees so easy.

Mating and Reproduction:
The female lays 2-3 eggs in a nest made from twigs. Both the male and female incubate and care for the hatchlings until they are able to care for themselves.

Amazing Information: 
The call of the Red-crested Turaco sounds a bit like someone saying “go away”. This has earned them the nickname “go-away birds”.