Douroucouli Monkey

Douroucouli Monkey

Scientific Name:
Aotus trivirgatus

Central America to northern Argentina

Variety of forest types from sea level to 10,000 feet

Average Size:
Body Length: 11-17 inches
Body-Tail Length: 24-35 inches
Weight: 1-2.2 pounds

15-20 years

Population Status:

Wild: Vegetable matter (shoots, fruit, flowers, leaves and sap), occasionally invertebrates, birds, frogs and bats
Zoo: Produce, monkey biscuits, occasional treats like peanut butter and jelly

Gestation: 150-153 days
Litter size: 1 infant

The Douroucouli is a smallish monkey with dense silvery-black fur covering most of the body.  It head has large, dark eyes that are surrounded by light colored fur, giving it an owl-like appearance.

Nocturnal raptors (such as the Great Horned Owl) and other arboreal carnivores.

Douroucouli Monkey Map

About the Animal: The Douroucouli, or owl monkey, is the only truly nocturnal monkey in the world, and the only nocturnal primate in the New World.  Other nocturnal primates, such as lemurs, are found primarily in western Africa and Madagascar.

Because of their nighttime habits, Douroucoulis are accomplished scent makers.  They have a gland at the base of the tail that secretes a smelly, oily substance.  As they move through the trees, they rub this gland on branches.  They also wash their hands with urine, thus spreading their scent as they walk, leaving behind a pungent trail of oil and urine wherever they go.

Unlike many primates that live in troops, Douroucoulis are monogamous, living only in family groups.  Each family group will defend its established territory against outsiders in an aggressive fashion.

Even though they are nocturnal, in the coldest parts of their range Douroucoulis will forage in the daytime during the winter.

Mating and Reproduction: Douroucoulis have not set mating season, and give birth throughout the year.  Each litter will have one infant that is cared for by both parents.  Offspring will remain in the family group for up to six years.

Amazing Information:
The ‘double-chin’ of the Douroucouli is actually and air pouch, which when inflated adds resonance and volume to the call.