Taveta Golden Weaver

Male weaver

Scientific Name:
Ploceus castaneiceps

Tanzania, Kenya

Savannah, scrublands

Average Size:
Body Length: 6 inches
Weight: 1.5 ounces


IUCN Status:
Least Concern (LC)

Wild: Mostly seeds, some fruit
Zoo: Finch mix

Incubation: undocumented
Litter size: 3 eggs


Female Taveta Golden Weaver

Taveta Golden Weaver Range

About the Animal:
This small but interesting bird prefers to live in large colonies for protection from predators, particularly arboreal snakes. Taveta Weavers are sexually dimorphic, with the female being a dull, olive-yellow compared to the males brilliant gold.

Mating and Reproduction:
Courting involves a female inspecting the ornate, hanging nest constructed by the male. When a female finds a nest that she approves of, she will enter it, indicating her acceptance of the male. A single tree may support hundreds of nests.

Amazing Information:
Weavers may use the same nest for several years, repairing and strengthening it each season.

Where in the Zoo:
You can find the Taveta Golden Weaver in the Sadler Building