Beautiful Fruit Dove


Scientific Name:
Eurypyga helias

Central and South America

River sides

Average Size:
Body Length: 18 inches
Weight: 6171-214 grams

Up tp 15 years in captivity

IUCN Status:
(LC) Least Concern

Wild: amphibians, insects, small crustaceans, fish
Zoo: rainforest diet, fish

Incubation: 28 days
Clutch size: 2-3 egg.


About the Animal:This nondescript wading bird moves with a slow, deliberate gate among the grasses edges of river, making it difficult to spot. It’s generally shy nature further protects it from discovery. It is only when it opens its wings that the beauty of this bird is revealed. Each wing sports spectacular chestnut colored “eye patches” that are used to confuse predators and mesmerize mates.

Mating and Reproduction: Before breeding, Sunbitterns will fly over rivers and streams with their beautiful wing markings showing. During these flights they call using their distinctive “kak, kak, kak,” call to attract the attention of a mate.

A clutch typically has two or three eggs which both parents take turns incubating the eggs. Eggs hatch after 28 days.

Amazing Information: If a predator approaches the nest, one of the adults will attempt to draw it away by pretending to have a broken wing

Where in the Zoo?: You can find the Sunbittern in the Rainforest Building