Mindanao Bleeding Heart Dove

Mindanao Bleeding Heart Dove

Scientific Name:
Gallicolumba crinigera

Endemic to the Philippines

Primary and secondary lowland rainforest

Average Size:
Body Length: 13-14 inches
Weight: 8-10 ounces

Up tp 15 years in captivity

IUCN Status:
(VU) Vulnerable

Wild: Berries, seeds, worms, insects
Zoo: Rainforest diet – which includes a variety of fruits and seeds.

Incubation: 15-18 days
Litter size: 1 egg.


Range Map for Mindanao Bleeding Heart Dove

About the Animal: This shy dove is endemic to the Philippines and poorly studied in the wild. It is under pressure due to habitat loss as primary and secondary growth forests continue to be heavily logged. It spends much of it’s time on the forest floor, flying only when necessary to evade capture by predators

Mating and Reproduction: A single egg is laid in a somewhat fragile nest of twigs. The egg is incubated by the female. Newly hatched chicks are fed “crop milk” for the first week of life (crop milk is a special secretion from the parents crop that is high in fat and protein). Chicks grow rapidly and are able to fly about 2 weeks after hatching

Amazing Information: The scientific name for this dove mean “chicken pigeon”, so named for its ground feeding habits.

Where in the Zoo?: You can find the Mindanao Bleeding Heart Dove in the Rainforest Building