Ringed Teal

Male Ringed Teal

Scientific Name:
Callonetta leaucophrys

Central South America; Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Boliva

Tropical swampy forests with lots of cover and trees

Average Size:
Length: 14-15 inches

Weight: 11-12 ounces

About 15 years

Wild: Water plants, seeds, occasional insects

Zoo: Waterfowl food, vegetables

Incubation: about 23-29 days

Clutch size: 5-12 eggs

IUCN Status:
Least Concern (LC)

Female Ringed Teal

Ringed Teal Range

About the Animal 
Ringed Teals are one of the smallest ducks in the world, reaching only a little over a foot in length. They are “perching ducks” – they have long, strong claws and toes for perching and nesting high off the ground in tree hollows.

This species is considering a “dabbing duck”, meaning they are surface feeders that “dab” the water’s surface eating plants and seeds. They will dive to escape predators if necessary.

Mating and Reproduction
After mating, a tree hollow well off the ground is found and the female lines it with her down. The chicks hatch after a 23-29 day incubation and are precocial, able to swim, walk and feed themselves immediately, although both parents with raise and defend the chick until they fledge (50-55 days).

Amazing Information:
The scientific name for this species loosely translates to “beautiful duck with white wing patches”.

Where in the Zoo:
The zoo has a male-female pair of Ringed Teals in the Tropical Rainforest building.