Beautiful Fruit Dove

Beautiful Fruit Dove

Scientific Name:
Ptilinopus pulchellus

Endemic to New Guinea

Primary and secondary lowland rainforest

Average Size:
Body Length: 7.5 inches
Weight: 68-76 ounces

Up tp 15 years in captivity

IUCN Status:
(LC) Least Concern

Wild: Berries, seeds, worms, insects
Zoo: Rainforest diet – which includes a variety of fruits and seeds.

Incubation: 15-18 days
Litter size: 1 egg.



About the Animal: This shy dove is endemic to Southeast Asia and New Guinea. It is not very well studied as it’s a very common bird throughout it’s native range. Despite it’s bright colors, it can be very difficult to see in the forest canopy.

Mating and Reproduction: A single egg is laid in a somewhat fragile nest of twigs. The egg is incubated by the female. Newly hatched chicks are fed “crop milk” for the first week of life (crop milk is a special secretion from the parents crop that is high in fat and protein). Chicks grow rapidly and are able to fly about 2 weeks after hatching

Amazing Information: During mating season, the male will sit on a branch next to a female, puff himself up and stretch to make himself look larger and taller to a potential mate.

Where in the Zoo?: You can find the Beautiful Fruit Dove in the Rainforest Building